Mediation Services

Mediation is an effective way to resolve conflict whereby a skilled and attentive neutral mediator facilitates the conflict process. Through the mediation process, parties move from positions of confusion, self-absorption and fear to positions of empowerment and responsiveness. Mediation is cost effective when compared to legal recourse. A mediation session generally lasts two hours, but can go longer if the individuals choose; more than one session may be necessary in order to resolve a dispute. If possible, a short telephone interview will be conducted in order to best assess both parties needs.

High Conflict Board Meeting Facilitation

Facilitation is very helpful when important decisions are being made. I serve as a neutral facilitator, helping to clarify issues of concern, set priorities, and engage in decision making. My area of specialization is in working with nonprofit Boards and staff. I have facilitated hundreds of meetings in a variety of settings for organizations involved in healthcare, arts, dance, and political advocacy. Costs for group facilitation are based on a daily rate or retainer and will vary depending on needs.

Communication Skills Training for Individuals or Groups

Communication Skills Training is an excellent supplement to mediation work, whereby learning improved communications skills can aid in avoiding future conflict. Based on your needs or your organizations needs, additional staff or guest speakers will be contracted to deliver the program. It can be presented in a day-long program or over weeks or months (with time to practice skills between visits). Costs for group communications skills training will vary depending on individual and/or group needs.

All rates are negotiated prior to services being provided.