“An uncomfortable feeling is not an enemy. It’s a gift that says, Get honest, inquire.”   — Byron Katie

Surely we would not seek out to be in battle with a co-worker, loved one or even an acquaintance. Yet conflict happens. And, sometimes it is through conflict with another person that we are given an opportunity to see most clearly within ourselves.

Conflict arises in different arenas in our lives; in the home, in the workplace, and in the community. Reasons are assigned to the conflict such as feelings of personal betrayal, misunderstanding or deceit; changes in policy or work schedules; or disagreements over money. Regardless of whom we are in conflict with, and what the conflict is over—the conflict is ours to own.

Mediation is an effective way to resolve conflict whereby a skilled and attentive neutral mediator facilitates the conflict process. Through the mediation process, parties move from positions of confusion, self-absorption and fear to positions of empowerment and responsiveness. Mediation is cost effective when compared to legal recourse. 

Mediated agreements are more likely to be mutually satisfying since the disputants create their own resolution to their problem, rather than being issued a decision from a court judge.

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