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The Compassionate Mind in Mediation
  by Jill Sarah Moscowitz

Understanding Conflict in Nonprofit Organizations
  by Jill Sarah Moscowitz

Why Every Conflict Breaks Your Heart: Conflict as a Spiritual Crisis
  by Ken Cloke

Mediation as a Healing Art: A Conversation with Daniel Benor, M.D.
  by Linda Lazarus

Mediators Without Borders: A Proposal to Resolve Political Conflicts
  by Ken Cloke

The Cost of Job Stress
  by Mary Corbitt Clark

Open for Business
  by Janet White Bardwell

What is Conflict Costing Your Organization?
  by Susan Hackney

The Temple of Hope: A Parable for Mediators
  by Evan Ash


The Crossroads of Conflict: A Journey into the Heart of Dispute Resolution
  by Ken Cloke

Bringing Peace Into the Room: How the Personal Qualities of the Mediator Impact the Process of Conflict Resolution
  by Daniel Bowling and David Hoffman, Editors

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